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“In just 5 months of working with Coach Jenn, she coached me to an olympic triathlon PR and a marathon PR!  Now, she's paving the way for my first ironman.  Jenn is very reliable, accessible and has a full understanding of what her athletes need.  I've raced triathlons and marathons before, but Coach Jenn upped my game and I know that on every starting line I am 110% prepared and ready to race!”

Jill Agresta
New York, NY


"When I first met Jenn, I wasn't even sure it made sense to continue training regularly. I was constantly sidelined with a nagging injury (on top of a hectic travel schedule). After three months with Jenn as my coach, I got my first podium finish ever and shortly thereafter won first place in my age group, and have since had other podium finishes in both triathlons and duathlons. Jenn inspires, motivates and educates her athletes. I went from simply logging miles to doing each workout with a specific purpose in mind. Jenn leads by example and provides the framework for you to constantly achieve new goals, and her entire team of athletes is a great source of positive energy and great people."

Amy Kouznetsova
New York, NY and Moscow, Russia

“Jenn has been instrumental in helping me in my second year of triathlon competitions. Whatever distance or goal you might have, she takes the time to talk with you and help determine what training is necessary to achieve that goal without overextending your bounds and personal comfort. I went from completing one sprint, one olympic and one 70.3 Ironman race on my own in my first year, to being able to complete Ironman Coeur d'Alene, two half Ironmans and multiple other olympic and sprint races. As an athlete fighting with an autoimmune disorder, I find that Jenn not only shows understanding and compassion, but can also give a good kick in the butt. She's an accomplished athlete in her own right (she qualified for the Vegas 70.3 Championship) and is always learning and training on her own, which I feel makes her a better coach. I look forward to working with her in the offseason to see how much better I can get!"

Jerome Kim
New York, NY


"Jenn's coaching was not only exactly what I needed to get through my first Ironman race, but also spot on for the year of training I put in on top of a full-time job and graduate school. Jenn helped me work around and through injuries, as well as build the mental and physical endurance necessary to take on the 140.6 mile journey. Not only was Jenn helpful as a coach during the year when I ran into speed bumps with workouts and life events that got in the way of training, but she was also a friend when I had to discuss how to overcome obstacles in the way of achieving my triathlon goals. I am so thankful to have Jenn still as a coach and mentor even now that the race is over!"

Jason Rizzi
New York, NY


"Coach Jenn/Fifth Gear Triathlon was definitely the key to achieving some of my triathlon goals this season.  I've raced triathlon for a couple of years and have done ok, but this past year I upped the ante and wanted to do a Half Ironman. I knew I couldn't do this alone. I work 55 hrs a week, and am mom to an active 7 year old.  How in the world would I be able to do it, but something about finding my "fifth gear" really spoke to me, and one phone call with Jenn and I knew I could do it. She is so positive and her true love of the sport is infectious. Her plan was able to fit into my busy life...quality over quantity. I PR'd a half marathon early on with only 2 runs a week. I'm a weak swimmer, and yet by June was able to swim the 1.2 miles of my 70.3. Truly life changing. My season ended with a 29 min PR in a race I've done twice before...unheard of! The support from Jenn, and even the other Fifth Gear athletes (from afar) is fantastic! I love finding my inner athlete and letting her shine. Can't wait to see what next season brings!"

Kate Hefferon
Poughkeepsie, NY

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“Jenn provides detailed, organized workouts that fit my own personal race goals. It's been such a valuable resource to have the work put together for me and to know, day to day, exactly what workout I have in front of me. This has made me a more focused athlete, and I’ve already seen the benefits of working with her in only one season. Additionally, to have the feedback of an elite athlete who is out there doing some of the same races that I’m doing is really inspiring. She is responsive to any questions I may have and never makes me feel any question is unimportant. I can tell that she loves the sport of triathlon, and the triathlon lifestyle, and really cares for the athletes that she coaches. Coach Jenn rocks!”

Briana Quinn
New York, NY

“Jenn has taken the time to get to know me as a person and athlete, which ensures that the program she provides is interesting, focused, balanced and appropriately challenging. She’s an attentive listener, takes into account the other commitments I have when planning my program, and helps ensure I am fitting in all the key sessions I need in a week. Jenn’s coaching is clear and easy to follow, and the details of each session ensure that I know how to approach the workout to achieve the maximum benefit. One of the most significant advantages to having Jenn as my coach is that she does the time-consuming and highly skilled job of breaking my training into blocks over the season, individual weeks and daily sessions, while always being there as an important support system and motivator if I ever hit a slump, physical or emotional. As an athlete it’s natural, and smart to use quality equipment. I buy running shoes best suited to my individual running style and needs; the bike I ride is set up specifically to my physical dimensions. However I believe the single smartest investment I have ever made toward fulfilling my goals as a triathlete & marathoner has been to have Jenn as my coach.”

Chelsea Lesky
Seattle, Washington